Do You Know What Aluminum Foil Does to Your Body? After Reading This You’ll Never Stop Using It!

There are a many more uses of aluminum foil beside the kitchen. Many studies have found that aluminum foil is beneficial for the treatment of muscular, back, neck, arm, leg and joint pain, as well as postoperative scars and burns. Aluminum foil is also an irreplaceable part of some healing practices for many Chinese and Russian natural healers.


Aluminum foil wraps against muscle and joint pain

This treatment can relieve pain in the neck, back, arms, legs and joints, but you can also use it to treat sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, and heel pain.

The Method:
  1. Wrap the painful area on your body with aluminum foil.
  2. Fasten it with a bandage.
  3. Leave it overnight.
  4. Repeat the treatment for 10-12 days and then take a one week break.
  5. If you still feel pain, you should repeat the treatment.

Flu and cold treatment

It may sound surprising, but aluminum foil can be used to fight infections. This aluminum foil treatment will help you get rid of strong cold in a couple of days. You will also avoid taking the unnecessary antibiotics.

The Method:

1. Wrap your feet in 5 layers of foil and put cotton between the layers.
2. Leave the wrap for an hour, then remove it.
3. Repeat the procedure with a new wrap two hours later, and leave it for an hour again.
4. Repeat the procedure one more time after a two-hour break.
5. Continue with this treatment for seven days.

Aluminum foil for burns

Aluminum foil can also relieve the pain from burns caused by fire, hot water, oil, and other liquids.

The Method:
  1. Hold the burn under cold running water for several minutes.
  2. Dry it with a clean and soft cloth if your skin is not damaged or,
  3. Absorb the water from the wound with sterile gauze if your skin is damaged.
  4. Then apply a thin layer of ointment in order to prevent the gauze from sticking to the wound.
  5. Put some aluminum foil over the wound (if the wound is not open) or over the gauze (if the wound is open) and fasten it with a bandage.
  6. Leave the foil until the pain disappears.

Treating insomnia and fatigue

Many beauticians and makeup artists recommend the use of aluminum foil for facial treatment because it can refresh and reenergize your face after a sleepless night.

The Method:
  1. Put some aluminum foil strips in a freezer for a few hours.
  2. Then put the frozen strips on the areas on your face you want to refresh (face, cheeks or eyelids), and leave them for several minutes.
  3. Remove the strips and you will notice that the signs of insomnia and fatigue on your face have disappeared.


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